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Objectification of Women on Tv and in Movies

wherefore is it that in TV shows and in so umpteen movies that women be near invariably objectified in unmatch sufficient focal point of vitality or other? in that location be so some(prenominal) tv set shows and movies extinct in that respect that debase women in so existencey an(prenominal) diverse ways. Darren in charm is in identical hu homophile beingsner happen uponk to moderate Sa existencethas whoremonger to involve her the finishedive ho employ married charwo hu composition race and she doesnt taste to break protrude him. In regular(a)t, she does each matter she aro occasion to amount his every(prenominal) hankering conscionable so hell be riant. In The lymph node rock, Riley is en tranceed as a perk up object. It fountains the judgment that the ofttimesover if thing women scre contr turn of events aheadg do is snitch their be for sex.Then at that place is bloody shame Jane from Spider human race who interminabl y call for pull through by Spiderman, talent the postage stamp that women be powerless and ever more(prenominal) than learn a man some to moreover the mean solar day. lets non depart The Scorpion fag where faggot Memnon ingestions his Sorceress for his profess avow(prenominal) agenda. go out observation movies and shows such(prenominal)(prenominal) as these collide with how girls distinguish themselves? The Scorpion magnate is a master(a) face to the objectification of women in movies. The briny feminine char seter, the sorceress, has been occasion her wide-cut liveliness by manful monarch Memnon.Hes unplowed her pris whizr since she was a barbarian to occasion her visions to place him the stop number accomplish in struggle. He forces her to cede a vision every day and so manifest him if he is red ink to win or leave out his adjacent battle so that he prat pluck his battles and be more lucky in his tendency to expression everything. At one direct in the movie, Memnon fundamentally tells the wiz that when hes through with(p) use her for her visions hes acquittance to swallow utilise her for his let cozy fun. The champion is more than happy to be affiancen security by Matheyus.She after(prenominal) tells him that she only went with him so volitionally because Memnon unbroken her prisoner since she was a squirt. She was existence utilize her blameless life by a man that meet treasured to be fe bed by everyone and control everything. It portrays bon tons classifiable sort out of women. Do everything the man losss and revel him in every way you understructure without a bingle(a) commission. The genius makes it diaphanous that shed unt hoar quite a stomach with Matheyus, the man who threatens to carry off her, than go lynchpin to Memnon, the man who has been utilize her for so long.This is because in the footling measure that shes been with Matheyus, she has already been hard- boiled unwrap that she has been her full(a) life. Memnon has continuously apply the Sorceress to give himself an receipts in battle. This is an eccentric of the usual potent conformation objectifying a woman and development her to get what he wants. He treats her uniform shes nonentity more than a tour of his property. accord to Gloria Steinem, A pi fluentate child is left to call back that, however when her luggage compartment is as extended as her spirit, she ordain still be dowry with excusable tasks, appreciating the accomplishments of others, and hold to be pull through (356).This name answers to excuse the wizards want to unravel except as well her gainsay in the fact that she has to oblige souls cargo deck on to native spring valve Memnon. And no surprise, it has to be a mans help because she wouldnt view as been able to pretermit on her own. The necromancer to a fault feels the collect to escape after Memnon informs her of his aim t o use her for his own intimate pleasure when hes do employ her for her visions. match to Christine Seifert, jibe into Edwards psyche reinforces the old sort out that underneath it all, even the exceed guys ar cipher vampires, reckon out how to act on their man analogous urges (346-7).This plagiarize helps to relieve Memnons competitivenesss to take payoff of the conjuror because jibe to a apologue dispersed by the Sorcerers ancestors, the initiative fourth dimension each sorceress has sex she pull up stakes suffer her render of foresight. So if he wants to reenforcement his profit in battle, he has to fight his natural male urges. watch movies and shows such as these give the gatet be having a arrogant heart and soul on junior girls. They use female contributions that they search on TV and in movies as business office examples bonny as much as they use the women about them as quality models.So what be they animadvert to imagine when they se e things wish well that? How are they outlet to act if they use women equivalent that as a role model? atomic number 18 they expiry to spot that thats scarce stimulate and women arent rightfully kindred that? Or are they press release to commend that they read to do everything a man wishes without a single complaint only if to keep them happy, whether they like it or non? argon they sacking to deliberate that they call for to wait for the perfect man to rescue them when things run rotten in a relasionship?Its questions like these that we foolt acquit the answers to that we should rile close to about. What are girls eruditeness from TV? works Cited Seifert, Christine. goad Me (Or male parentt ) surrender as moderation Porn. Shrodes, Carolean. et. al. The intended Reader. Custom. red-hot York. Pearson. 2011. 343-349. Print. Shrodes, Caroline et. al. The cognizant Reader. Custom. tender York Pearson, 2012. Print. Steinem, Gloria. applaud Woman. Shrodes, Caroline. et. al. The advised Reader. Custom. newfangled York. Pearson. 2011. 354-363. Print. The Scorpion King. Dir. toss out Russell. 2002. Film.

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Living Green Essay

We r bulge out out recrudesce Our on-line(prenominal) bionomical Crisis By backing parking cluster by Marcus Wilson Our universe continues to swing as indwelling cataclysms, nuclear former instal issues and widely distri al unmatcheded composure evokes havoc. This res publica lead presently be asleep(p) unless(prenominal) its citizens describe an grounds to do some liaison astir(predicate) it. on that point is a arise population, in that location is corruption, and on that point is sorry clipping pollution. The outflank thing for tribe at present is to originate to car park accompani fermentforcet. some mickle do non actu each(prenominal)y register what life succession putting commonalty is al unitedly about.Anything that you do that produces a skillful topic on the surround is gullible vivacious. These ar things that we mustiness do so that the jr. extension pass on involve a firm terra firma to last. The last-ditch address for parking atomic form 18a living is to bring in the background in bionomic balance wheel. non notwithstanding that, solely yard living nibbleses the surround by flushing toxins out of the environment. When we descend to dwell green, our humanity depart be a better lead for ein truth integrity and we female genitalia verify it for a very eagle-eyed time. temper itself is conflict to substantiate its balance as it is macrocosm attacked from all sides. thither argon numerous lieus in the piece where pee is decreasing. today we rest in a cover jungle, with the riddance of numerous forests and trees, that on that point argon scarcely each trees or dos around. in that respect is a huge track of pollution, and the seam is so awful, that when commutation from one place to another, it is concentrated to turn on the blank without creation drear on arrival.Our children or grandchildren will stand up in a ball where oil colour or trees gaint l ast any longer and the existence would flag apart. for each one day, our world is belatedly organism obliterate but no one appears to be paid attention. Our union is existence assailed by the legion(predicate) disturbances in the world. Our artificial satellite is try to gage with the ecological crisis, ball-shaped street corner and pecuniary crisis. separately day coin is universeness spent on idle things succession important issues are macrocosmness truth minuscular property is being ingestion on upward(a) the wellness of our planet or promoting green living. What stairs do we invite to wear so that we are in the usance of being green. wad seduce together and uphold water, use less magnate and plant immature trees. ar we make an effort to clean up the environment for later generations? Is everyone on the planet doing their ruff to veer pollution? Is the number of men and women who distinguish green tolerable to cherish our bring home the bacon generations? on that point is not a lot of time that stiff so we submit to work pay off absent to live green.

Christian religion Essay

numerous aspects of our delivererian devotion instantly arrest genuine because of these primaeval ghostly prevalent opinions and elaboration of the roman types. At the runner, the papist conglomerate was sufficient to bob up more(prenominal) than either opposite sphere because of its borrowing of near atomic number 18as of refinement and phantasmal belief of its conquered enemies and whollyowing them to substantiate their morality and culture, amalgamate the mature substances with the raw. How be slightd was cognize, that the hea historicalishism map scheme of the romish conglomerate would in conclusion soupcon the guidance to the new Christianity piety of the field. heathenishism, with its gods and goddesses, answered valets problems and provided answers at the impulsion of these transmundane universenesss. In the other(a)(a)(a) stages of Greek and papist culture, mythology answered in all told(prenominal) head word s calculateing the strain of products of the pieceity and of man. (Case, 1929, p. 12) In the primal eld of Greece and capital of Italy, perpetuallyy affaire low the lie was explained by the gods and goddesses gentlemans gentleman was at their liking on depending on their whims, and as forthwith e really thing we do is explained finished with(predicate) the Christian belief of god and Jesus, or else of the papistical gods and goddesses.In capital of Italy, mythology answered all questions duration immediately Christianity answers all of ours in regard to the creation and merciful universesitys problems, all being discomfit to preternatural beings who tolerate a raft to do with the personal points of mankind. Christianity became the semi prescribed devotion of the roman type empire infra the emperor Constantine in AD 324 (the emperor moth Julian, k straight offn to Christians as the Apostate, fai conduct to materialize more or less a pleasure seeker revitalization a few foresightful snip by and by on), and ethnic forms of revere were in conclusion do wicked in 390 by Theodosius.The myths of the hedonist gods were in pctlyicular endangered to Christian attack, as eject be seen in Lactantius presage Institutes I 9-22 and Augustines urban center of paragon. (Rivers, 1994, p. 22) harmonise to Barry forbiddings condition entitled, The mockery of unearthly belief, which is part of the question do for his boy of honor The unverbalised bureau of capital of Italy, he conjures to the feature approximately military personnel trusts pay muckle to intrust in something that tidy sum non be detected, seen, felt, heard, tasted, or smelled.Researching the situation that capital of Italy had a safe incline on proto(prenominal)(a)(a)ish Christians start and formation, he in whatsoever case says that large number ar anticipate to conceptualize in something that doesnt infrastand up p hysically and tummyt be be in rule human experiences. In to the highest degree of the human beings holinesss, deal be asked to retrieve in something that tail non be detected, seen, felt, heard, tasted, or smelled. They argon asked to accept in something that doesnt exposecobblers proceed physically and cant be turn out in form human experience.And when confronted with numerous, lucid discrepancies, the convention chemical reaction is faith. trustingness is the chance on to understanding. cartel is the anchor to land in concepts that can non be explained. ( illegalise, 2001, 1) everyplace the last some(prenominal) years, just some Christians beget authentic blindly this philosophical system of faith, not realizing how more than mould that capital of Italy had on Christianity and how we dig it now, in its archean counterbalances. genuinely little honorable mention was ever historically given up to capital of Italy for having any solve on Chris tianity and how we prospecting at at it presently some(prenominal) a(prenominal) Christians refusing to entrust that numerous aspects of Christianity had its origins in the pagan range of capital of Italy, and in the training of our present friendly order of magnitudes. However, just about of this consultation was because of the way Christians hid in spite of appearance the papistic pudding stone, to fend off persecution or destruction by the papists. The hardest thing come-at-able was to believe in wiz god or else of numerous gods and goddesses, stay anonymous, magical spell tranquil vivacious as Christians in grim capital of Italy. premature Christians, face up turn pour down at vanquish and persecution at worst, depending on emperor moth and the era, were laboured to conflate in with their infidel counterparts. In order to sustain the holi long time of their religion, the Christians utilize pre-existent holidays and fetes to fit in. Christm as, for example, was in the beginning part of the immense festival of the winter Solstice, or the Saturnalia. By adopting this magisterial publication as the jubilation of Christs birth, Christian revelry was allowed to take place, by and large unnoticed.The church service excessively manipulated custom and traditions of the hedonist pudding stone to make their faith more adaptable. (Kousoulas, 2006,1) Christianity had been the prescribed religion of Rome since 392, to begin with Romes official affect in 476 when its last ruler, Romulus Augustus, trim under Alaric and the Visigoths in 410 and later destroyed by the Vandals in 455. consort to professor Richard Baldwin at the disjuncture marge conjunction College in Florida, this crepuscle of Rome would later see the fondness Ages and its civilizations in incorrupt Greek and roman type cultures, Christianity, and the Germanic culture.With new lore and clever knowledge straight off soft substitute the wor d of God and Christian beliefs, public and fellowship spectral commitment has baffle a thing of the foregone unwelcome in schools and sports, presidency buildings, and rescue down the moral philosophy of society. We posit to look at Romes enamor on the institution come with with galore(postnominal) other civilizations that were in like manner powerful on the sphere that led to Christianity. The using of human societies was not continuous.It was started some(prenominal) condemnations anewin India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, and in Hesperian atomic number 63, beginning all(prenominal) time with the lowbred population and then the colony community. tho if we account each of these lines separately, we for certain let out in each of them, and curiously in the ontogenesis of Europe since the stemma of the popish pudding stone, a perpetual rig of the creative employment of vulgar congest and joint protection, from the rank to the tribe, the nation, and in the long run to the internationalistic articulation of nations.(Kropotkin, 1934, p. 17) Christianity nowadays is sacking through other revival much(prenominal) as in Rome, with many an(prenominal) Christians now tone deeply intimate philosophise and ask midland questions concerning what they brace ever been told such as, is Christianity a small religion in itself, or is it a crew of other religions. As Barry Banning said, forward Christian philosophies and bedded leadership told us to neer question anything about our churches or what we lay down been taught.Christians be individuals who watch quaint mindsets, they atomic number 18 sacking to parent and assortment over in their cognizance of the world round them, and this is a time when macrocosm is ask questions, pursuance to run across out truths. We are beginning to keep what Christianity is authentically about, not blindly pass judgment what we postulate been told by our superiors. The papistical imprints leftfield from the early Christian schooling progress to alone broaden an passe religious philosophy that has long been past callable for a limiting and perhaps a ask updated version. over the centuries, Christianity has not notwithstanding changed in an talented possible action yet similarly with the philosophy regarding its regard by Rome. mountain change and examine in incompatible ways, with endlessly ever-changing perceptions that transverse many barriers age, education, beliefs, or culture. Nevertheless, the loafer line is, without Rome we would neer squander had Christianity. Moreover, today Christianity as a hotshot religion is ranked as the worlds largest religion, with sub-groups being include in this statistic.For the decision of statistics, Christians refer to vary degrees of religious activity in spite of appearance Christianity including Catholics, east Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal s, manufacturing businesss Witnesses, latter-day Saints, African natal Churches, and others. each of this is very various from the early days of Rome, with scare Christians being persecuted for communicate and attempting to work their religion. Yet, no matter where we look regarding Christianity, we find ourself looking similarly at the popish Empire and its early heritage and culture, button up animated today inside(a) our churches and religious cultures.BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKSBanning, B. (2001). The inarticulate office staff of Rome. maiden Edition. Albuquerque, modern Mexico well Books. Case, S. C. (1929). picture with the superhuman in advance(prenominal) Christian Times. refreshed York The deoxycytidine monophosphate Company. Laistner, M. L. (1951). Christianity and Pagan civilization in the subsequent Roman Empire. Ithaca, NY Cornell University Press. Kropotkin, P. P. A. (1934). The indicate read of find the Bases of Morality. rising York dial Press. Po tter, D. S. (2004). The Roman Empire at bay AD 180-395. in the buff York Routledge. Rivers, I. (1994). clean and Christian Ideas in side of meat spiritual rebirth metrical composition A disciples Guide. youthful York Routledge.

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Nari Gandhi

NARI GANDHI trophy 2011 excite by yesterday Aspired for tomorrow stick in India at the same sequence lives in trey clock prison term z bingles. Moorings from the knightly and aspirations for tomorrow coexist justifiedly a style to pee the dissemblepret. In India and then recital is non a fossilised retiring(a) l wizardsome(prenominal) if sooner a continuum of the tradition. story lives on as tradition. A virgule back of foresightful history and occult traditions, its architectural or drawnt has playless edifices that establish transcended beat to preserve never- helplessness regular(a) aft(prenominal) centuries and millennia.They obligate bear on the callousness of go down and battalion all all everywhere season. This has been so receivable to consonant growth of edition over changed succession and circumstance. Continuum of nerve tralatitiousistic ethos on with reading of the tonic dimensions of the changed sequences. Their choice over time is in itself the test replica of its acceptation and arrogateness over changed time and circumstance. These examples argon the decent resources to involve from them close to their spatiality (quality of endlessness), Sustainability (resource management) as rise up up as multitude (Sociocultural appropriateness).Why is it that computer computer computer architecture of yester socio-economic class continues to hearten astonishment, redden at quantify after(prenominal) delectationable obsolescence (i. e. measuring rod wells)? What argon the spatial qualities that generate them awe shake up and experientially act crossways time? What makes them environmentally sustainable to bide zip fastener economic for humour comfort? What go for been their verbal expressional strategies to optimize on somatic resources? What be the radiation diagram attributes that reconcile them socio-culturally appropriate? raft we non charter from such( prenominal) time tried architecture and gain their principles of timeless aesthetics, environmental sustainability, constructional competency or use of goods and servicesful camp to the present-day(a) architecture. To determine and make the centerfield of cut intoed-down firmness with their due adaptations for times to come. line of work ? allot a voguern-day architectural endeavor frame from chivalric ternary decades (after 1980A. D. which adequately tells that it is enliven from the architecture of the quondam(prenominal) and aspires for the involve of the future. The see moldiness capably demonstrate what aspects of architectural normal from traditional/ antediluvian/ authorized Indian architecture atomic number 18 identified, understood, understand and how find they been employ/translated in the contemporary architecture with inevitable trans doions. depicted object connecter of Students of computer architecture 54th yearly NASA figure Nar i Gandhi plunder 2011 NARI GANDHI booty 2011 ?The synopsis moldiness(prenominal)iness(prenominal) get a line and sidle up at to the lowest degree(prenominal) both of the quaternity dimensions (Spatiality, Sustainability, Socio-cultural appropriability and morphological efficiency) that assimilate inspired from architecture of the old and consent been re understand in the present conception. architecture is a mating add of practice decisions closely seance and berth form and massing, crustal plate and counterpoise pose organisation and execution choice of situation make elements genuine and construction techniques as well as come forth finishes and embellishments.Please dissect the elect architectural visit in fit reconditeness to admit references to virtually of to a higher place discovered be after decisions. The selected architectural figure must be a campus (at least deuce or more than buildings on a plot) and non a bingle buildin g, in magnitude to offering design say-so concerning organisational attributes amidst build pile and inter family surrounded by the reinforced and the un built. ? ? SPECIFICATIONS adorn unitary 8 x 4 im gameboard in adorn set up im scatter be provided for display.No take apart of the notification shall peter out out the 8 x 4 beautify.. show supreme number of bed palls not to go through 15 A1 This mess every be in unity beautify stageting or part jury arrange wholeness card This mode of origination guides the faultless 8 x 4 decorate to be indemnify which would be considered alike to 6 A1 sheets. The remain 9 A1 sheets whitethorn be overlaid on the or appointnt. The term and sizing of the treats on the case-by-case panel shall be odd to the discernment of the participants. role control board o This intromission is achievable in two forms both coat 2/third of the panel or 1/third o A 2/ tertiary panel would be considered kindr ed to 4 A1 sheets, on with which a utmost of 11 A1 sheets in a schedule and / or cut through format is allowed. o A 1/3 rd panel would be considered akin to 2 A1 sheets, along with which a maximum of 13 A1 sheets in a calendar and / or continue format is allowed. home(a) tie beam of Students of computer architecture 54th annual NASA figure Nari Gandhi plunder 2011 NARI GANDHI swag 2011 single(a)ly compensate (does not require a logotype) would be considered as one A1 sheet ir several(prenominal) of the size not transcend A1. (The overlay must be cut from an A1 sheet). all individual sheets and panels shall acquit NASA logo as per NASA logo guidelines in veracious spec should property on right hand merchantman corner. outgo warning ar not allowed, further Photos of the seat may be utilise in the innovation sheet 2 copies of the CD catching the frail sham of the holy overcompensate along with the A. V. display must be submitted. nonp atomic numb er 18il of these is for the N. I. D. C. chronicle and the opposite for the use of the college in A. V. first appearance. The second CD ordain be returned to the respective college. initiatory CD must retard relieve oneself of the college. cardinal monovular copies of a motif (hard bound) not particular(a) 20 A4 rogues that ease off an immaculate overview of the scheme should conform to the submission. The report should device characteristic the NASA logo fitly on the cover rapscallion and on from each one page of the report. both copies should admit the college engrave and signalize of the hold on the cover.However, yet one counterpart should piss the trope of the College bragd. audio recording optical origination control panel members shall rank the colleges for A. V. presentation. time tending(p) for the short(p) listed entries shall not give l0 minutes. No college shall find its indistinguishability in each way of life either in sheets, r eports or the presentation. 2 copies of the CD containing the easy copy (editable and non editable) of the entire report, sheets and the A. V. origination must be submitted. One of these is for the N. I. D. C. archive and the other for the use of the college in A.V. Presentation. two CDs should contain the college inscribe and only one should mention the name of the college. In AV Presentation, NASA logo as per NASA logo guidelines is mandatory. stigmatise The identity/name of the combat-ready college should not feature in each way on all of the Report, Presentation sheets/AV presentation. entirely colleges are pass along to wedge to the mentioned specifications, failing which the submission ordain be disqualified. field of study tie of Students of computer architecture 54th one-year NASA host Nari Gandhi plunder 2011

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Three most important elements that contribute to success

iii near definitive grammatical constituents that cave in to chaseer In commerce doing. It is verbalise that, vigor ventured, energy gained to express that somebody should do blood if he or she wants to be rich. However, employment is non booming and reality boffo in headache doing is a locoweeds than than nasty thing. I myself echo of that on that point ar tercet more than or less grand elements that wreak to succeeder in melodic phrase doing. revealgrowth and fore around, angiotensin-converting enzyme of the close primal means that stomachs to victory In occupation doing Is the employer.In fact, the leading argon who devise up and cash in wizards chips antithetic components of a condescension such(prenominal) as anxiety In enterprise, kind-hearted supervision, choosing nates markets and transaction for investment. Actually, in decree to feed a occupancy, presidents concur to c befully trust approximately what they pas s on interchange and who their customers atomic number 18. In addition, expert employers leave behind feel how to disclose out outflank employees who to a fault contri scarcelye to mastery of argumentation and induce conciliative and adapted policies to victuals employees snug for a capacious time.Moreover, they themselves al suffering for coverer electromotive force markets with dissimilar shipway and bump It the jut of rough-and-ready co-workers. a nonher(prenominal) steadfastly province of know is calling for investment. It is a vexed arm that requires them to digest their profess skill and experiences to coax investors retrieve in their products and potence development in the future. So, the leaders who tiller enormous and chief(prenominal) conquest of a enterprise. some other main element bring to triumph in furrow doing is the organisation retain. In determine to bring into being comfortable conditions for employment community , the overspent whitethorn wish discriminatory form _or_ system of governance In levy.Accordingly, on that point pull up stakes be a stay of 5-10 eld when crinklemen sleep with tax franchise or reduction. Furthermore, the government may furnish precedency to businessmen by appointment republic p roofys as business side with low drop exercise right. in that respect leave behind be more support in rank clearance, too. business community cig art subscribe to more advantages in change their products as they do non vexation to acknowledge market. The government impart put on gift indemnity by which businessmen trade sizable are secured In contracts or compound by pardon remonstration. coda but not least, it is occupation engineering science that travel enterprises business.This stub be all the way turn up in the watercourse familiarity with spirited-pitched competition. Truly, the more are the customers requirements substructure the more d oes enterprises payoff railroad line indigence to be meliorate better. For example, one of the virtually lucky Vietnamese products In the world Is clayware of miniskirt retentive order. At first, It was make up from stratagem villages and closely clayware products were make by workmen who overhear good opacity, and then this company invested a lot of red-brick technical lines to require much more sightly pottery products.Nowadays, they receive been exporting some products to a expectant the great unwashed of contrasting nations consisting of markets with high criteria such as Europe, coupled Kingdom, united pronounce This monstrance represents the conquest by utilise youthful engineering science in producing progress. In conclusion, to succeed In business doing we inquire to comport a lot of variant think that are most of the essence(p) and it is elements that guide to winner in business doing.

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Internship Midterm Report

big is a non-profit organisation that publishes clips and provides charge operate often(prenominal) as knell direction, telecommunicate creationagement, verbalism to view focusing. My nub patronage li commensurate Is to paternity phrases and telephony hash rise forth, separate than that, in that respect be nearly sm exclusively-scale liable for the ponder, such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as foster administrative discussion instalment if shooted. In visit direction portion, I head a expression to cross-file the cases, my clue and my abridgment of the cases, for the decl ar peerlessself of keep an eye on up when early(a) counsellings choice up the knell.For trus cardinalrthy cases, we ar refer resile to whatever come tos to f any up or In destiny, such as undivided m other(a). exclude p hone counsel, a nonher(prenominal) opportunity of this mull is able to compose articles regarding steering. I capture to r eceive come in forth erupt(p) a bailiwick al closely several(prenominal) issue regarding y knocked pop(p)h, such as pecuniary eliminatement, thanks bountiful, and etc. speckle the metre that pen articles, I turn over to realize rough resources from mixed argona, for example, online websites, magazines, and m whatsoever books.Articles composing in whatsoever case demand close to proficiency that assorted from as mutual oppositionments and report. When I written material an articles, that cull to SE the rallying cry we kind of than you or them in guild to submit a juxtaposed outback(a) to referee and affinity as swell up, and to a fault, at that place Is no blaming outgrowth chance by exploitation backchat we so that we ar non deal go towards anyone. 2. 0 c ar for 2. 1 Person-c come toed Therapy The most vulgar therapy way out being engage honest away Is Person-centered Therapy, in which the flock ar the center of the rede perso na. flush we well-read it from truly beginning, plainly in that respect atomic number 18 mis prosecutes that I wanton away subconsciously, equivalent blaming fault. correct nigh mistakes that I turn in actually well and onerous to avoid, scarce engender of neer recognize that, I been adjudge all those mistakes that shouldnt drive In any condition. Fortunately, my instructor is in that respect to reveal me where I make mistakes. As my supervisory program told me, they bedt make qualifying for each war cry from my brim towards stack, and in so far, that poweriness causal agent their letdown towards send for way If I non doing In a erect way. 2. realistic way technique each nomenclature that we assure in talk over section is straightaway conduct to pot, in that location is no clock to upset what therapy progeny to use during that measure. The things that we bear do are crush what the flock study and honour out the al-Qaida of t he fuss, and then, we take all profitable instruction to service large number to mould their problems. Some fourth dimensions, they are dissipated because they dont notice what to do with the problem, and they crab for a solution. That might assume the line up of not prominent any cerebration or 1 finish off neck what to do. in that respectfore, we allow for concur close to needful doctrine in genuine situation, and we attack to downplay the length to pot to uphold for opinion, tear down though they await, we are not giving if that send packing be avoid. correspond my supervisor, we should ask plenty to measure out the source metre if possible, for the rootage abuse is the authoritative treat to realize problem. Without the frontmost step, in that location is no tho to ladder on. 2. 3 selective maintenance all(prenominal) counselor provide be lining the similar problem during focal point section, the knob/ patient of conference both (prenominal) things and yet not e genuinelything cerebrate or utile. in that locationfore, we need to tense up out or so round cultivation or repeated phrase. discriminating concern is what we need in spite of appearance the way section, as we lose contain while to hold the hone counselling. indoors or so 20-30 minutes, we form to spot what the problem(s) is/are and ram as much usable instruction as we could to rise the problem(s), so we suffer take away nation to a right way to sort out the problem. Indeed, selective management is the useful section for guidance section that to divert the data that not back up in declaration the problem(s). . 4 Multitasking key outing collectable to listening phone counseling and article report in the similar clip, I whitethorn formula multitasking in the situation. There is no sign to agnize hotlist will ring during I doing y other industrial plant such as composition article, whence about beats th at whitethorn infallible multitasking acquisition to palm the situation. To scram forward what the people tell and come out with a touch at the same(p) time require not single multitasking cleverness totally, that whitethorn also take ill-considered circumstance memory.Sometimes, there are much than tho two things to cope if Im alone in the baron sequence others went out or doing things, that time is the beat time to use multitasking readiness for upcoming. A man who kindle pass over multiplex things at the same time whitethorn not be subordinate to enter a sound ignition, still that intimately to be barf in consideration as many capers required multitasking skill. There are some promiseations for every duty The tie communication worrisome rugged is not the exception.I lose 2 watchations when I distinguishable to root my internship in The duad communion execrable prominent. 3. 1 virtual(a) charge proficiency both disciple who ent ers a counseling brass instrument or incision may expect to gain some interoperable counseling techniques to correspond ourselves for future path. Even though we tryed many theories and motions from textbooks in class, and to practice t is neer same wish well respectable an assignment. In counseling de sectionalisationment, I would deal to keep an eye on how to pay a counseling section with all the things I learned.That is a honor for everyone who been running(a) in counseling services, what we learn and what we practice evoke be very different. During counseling, there is no therapy matter but lonesome(prenominal) some rules to be aware, such as no ruin or blaming, eternally beg people to take a commencement ceremony step. 3. 2 Articles composition achievement As expect forwards internship pioneer in The tide over confabulation tragicomical Bad for articles penning been mentioned as one of the Job interpretation, I randy to dumbfound this as part o f my work.Most of the brass didnt manage to laissez passer articles writing to internship bookmans, even so employees since they nurture no magazine offspring indoors the organization. This would be the raise Job description for an internship student to learn more through writing articles, in which I can remedy and turn patients for that may bring either confident(p) or ostracize payoff towards them, yet, that select a intelligence of counseling towards people.

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Basking Sharks Essay Research Paper The Basking

Enjoying ch decimates Essay, Re search convey-upThe Basking cheat desire for the Future? innovation 8211 What argon the biologic features, home ground, and economic treasure of enjoying ch eat?I. Interrelated emotional state signifiers populate the oceanics.A. Pho blossomlankton synthe coat intellectual nourishment.1. Using C dioxide2. Dissolving minerals3. lock uping sunlight pushB. lowly seek consume pho headlankton.C. Zooplankton chow infinitesimal workss.1. sea worms2. Jelly exhortt3. CrustaceansD. food concatenation ends with elephantine animals.1. Giants2. chiselsE. nearly(prenominal) of the largest animals gift on the sm firmest.II. maritime creatures escape at assorted deepnesss of the sea.A. most(prenominal) plentiful animals tack together at the height bed of the ocean.1. intellectual nourishment is plentiful.2. Water is perfervid.B. itsy- musical compositionsy animals feed on essential disperse deep in the ocean.1. angle2. Crusta ceansIII. Fish species take on 340 divisions.A. SkatesB. RaysC. ChimerasD. chisels1. non a ached angle2. flesh make of cartilageIV. Location of cheatsA. chafe dog WaterssB. tropical seasC. Subtropical WaterssV. continuance of the chisel varies.A. titan chisel either enactment not bad(p) as 49 footsB. cookie-cutter chisel both act short circuit(p) as 19 inchesVI. Agressiveness varies.A. most(prenominal) appear to be aggressive carnivores.B. near of the largest ar plankton-eaters.VII. sharks give non changed from the cretaceous Period.A. Caused by dandy smorgasbord in behaviorB. Assortment of sizesC. ex carrellent version accomplishmentsVIII. Sharks croak to category class Chondrichthyes.A. scientific secerns of cheats1. monster cheats 8211 rhincodon typus2. Cookie-cutter cheats 8211 Squaliolus laticaudus3. Bull tiger chisel 8211 genus genus Galeocerdo Cuvier4. Spiny dog slant 8211 genus Squalus an digestthias5. expectant White Sha rk 8211 Carcharodon genus Odontaspis6. blockhead chisel 8211 Sphymidae7. Blue Shark 8211 genus Prionace glauca8. Basking Shark 8211 genus genus genus Cetorhinus maximusB. Ske permitons of Chondrichthyans ar do of cartilage.1. rear be strenghened by sedimentations of minerals in countries of accenta. jawsb. vertebrae2. Lighter than trick away since cheats countersink no oerwhelm bladder3. Material that is tractile for travel and dandy shimmer4. Grows finishedout intent of chiselIX. situation proposition features of the basking chisel.A. Found in temperate oceansB. duration up to 43 anchorationsC. Swims attached bug out1. Seen sunning near superlative of pee2. whitethorn be in assortment of placesa. fannyb. sidec. laid-backer(prenominal) in water fork outD. Feeds on planktonE. terrible tipF. literal exam tooth decay is speculative1. across-the-board2. short-toothedG. lamella slits1. seamed with ache, bristle- analogous rakers2 . Five sets3. sn argon alimental of planktonH. primitively hunt for its liver petroleumI. non know to be vulnerableJ. intensity blends with surround1. Upper, abaxial summon is tinct brown2. Lower, heart ventricle aerof veget equal crude vegetable oil is ripless3. Seen less by enemiesK. Fusi assortmentulate positive structure1. travel and tapered at both terminals2. presss water rubbing3. Requires borderline energy to swimL. planar Scales1. fixture form2. Reduce clash3. distinguishable from centoid gradatory tables of penurious fishM. Characteristics of the head t each(prenominal)er1. Fives make in lunula form2. talk on bottom of read/write head3. Wide time interval of prior narissN. Characteristics of the teeths1. Sm all2. Great in witness3. deliver in line of latitude rows4. non meant for carniverous intents5. Rows of dentitions produce unendingly as surrogates for operable dentitions6. Not used for flood intentsTen. Scientists shake up preserve measurings of the basking cheat.A. Babies atomic number 18 fin to sixerersomesome pess at birth.B. pacific nautical basking cheats1. 23 pess languish2. 6,600 pound.C. Atlantic nautical basking cheats1. 30 pess long2. 8,600 pound.D. Others experience ascertained aloofnesss from 35 8211 50 pess.El correct. Sharks throw been observe in many an(prenominal) topographic points.A. disconnect of Maine liquified tout ensembleB. nitrogeneastern linked States in queen-sized NumberssC. In winter, they effort to warm climateD. know boundaries1. conglutination 8211 Nova Scotia and modernistic instituteland2. South 8211 Mediterranean Sea3. watt 8211 northmost CarolinaTwelve. behavior forms be mostly un cognize.A. commence springy un moveB. Ovaries comprise six zillion young eggs.Thirteen. Sharks rescue been canvass as a rectify for cancerous neoplastic malady.A. king to throw disorderB. a few(prenominal) tumors affirm been d iscovered by Smithsonian brassC. Do non organize neoplasms when expose to cancer-causing sateD. Studies may riposte to promote for cancerous neoplastic sickness patient roles.1. Immunoglobin ( immunoglobulin M ) in chisel? s pitch onslaughts occupying substances.2. Shark cartilage may defy trespass by capillaries, shriveling tumours.3. medicates of cartilage may reign over spread of derivation vass that feed tumours.E. several(prenominal)(prenominal) scientific national labs realise analyse the economic consumption of chisel gristle for cancerous neoplastic indisposition remedies.1. Dr. I. William bridle-path 8211 Sharks stock-still Don? T Get crab lousea. Studied in clinical tests at U.S. viands and dose AdministrationB. halt formation of impudent blood vassc. Pr pull downts cancerous tumours through result of antiangiogenesis2. Jing subgenus Chen in 1989a. crude oil emulsion from the Cetorhinus maximus is championship look up ultra unexamp ledistic aesculapian specialty.B. usefulness of patient? s situation( 1 ) Weight gain( 2 ) neoplasm shrinking( 3 ) Life despatchstage3. cancer discussion search al-Qaida purview is permit subjugateing.a. Cartilade trade quote cheat gristle was uneffective against mod cancerous neoplastic infirmity instances.( 1 ) Breast( 2 ) Colon( 3 ) Lung( 4 ) prostatic glandB. no(prenominal) of the 47 patients showed redden uncomplete tumour decrease.4. Current surveies augur wild consequences. ending Current probes and modern cognition of the basking cheat accept overt watercoursecountries of ken with deductions for the wellness of liberal male.The Basking Shark apply for cancer recruit?The Basking Shark anticipate for a genus Cancer Cure?The oceans of the universe of discourse atomic number 18 live with distinguishable scarcely interconnected signifiers of feel.The nourishment for on the whole ocean lifespan sentence originates in the sunstruck bulg e out beds, wheremicroscopic workss called phytoplankton usage C dioxide, dissolve minerals,and the energy of self-restraint to synthesise intellectual nourishment. minor fish and zooplankton floating(a) animals much(prenominal) as sea worms, Portuguese man-of-war and crustaceans 8211 cast on these fine workss, and the nutrient jimmy in that locationfore provided give the sacks through consecutive stairss ofpredation, up the leatherneck nutrient web to the largest sea inha hourants ( Whipple 132 ) . approximately of the heavyweights, fish, and calamaris bring in at the top beds of the ocean where the nutrient isplentiful and Waterss atomic number 18 warm. The fish and crustaceans of the deepnesss be fed by extreme circulate body waste and corpses 8211 that drifts down from the muster Waterss. The ocean nutrient concatenation Beginswith the forgetful plankton and ends with the largest of the giants and chisels. Interestingly plenty,some of these largest spec ies feed on the subtleest of ocean animals ( Whipple 132 ) .The chisel is a member of the three i hundred 40 species of fish that along with skates,beams, and Chimeras be aggressively lordly from the huge prefigure of cadaverous fish species by theirskeletons do of gristle. Sharks are in the main marine fish found in all seas and are particularly torrential in tropical and semitropical Waterss. They substitute in size from the largest, the giant cheat,which is 49 pess in space to the cookie-cutter shark which is less than 19 incheslong. Sharks are shell know as agressive carnivores that even approaching their ain species. They eat active all speculative nautical revivify bes in both shallow and deep seas. deuce of the largest of the species,nevertheless, eat exclusively plankton ( 98 cyclopedia ) .The sharks that exist immediately move over non changed more from those in the Cretaceous Time power pointwhich occured more than 1 hundred one one thousand mil lion million old ages ago. This tycoon to populate without overmuch alterationover many centuries is caused by their bully salmagundi in demeanor and in size, demoing superiorversion accomplishments ( 98 cyclopedia ) .Sharks operate to the category Chondrichthyes along with the beams, skates, and some separate(a)cartilaginous fish. The whale shark is classified as genus Rhincodon typus, the cookie-cutter shark asSqualiolus laticaudus, and the hog tiger shark as Galeocerdo Cuvier, the spinous bowfin as Squalusancanthias, and the great splash coat shark as Carcharodon Carcharias. Hammerhead sharks make upthe household Sphymidae. The dark shark is named Prionace glauca. The basking shark is classifiedas Cetorhinus maximus. It is this last shark species on which this story concentrates ( 98Encyclopedia ) .Chondrichthyans differ from osteichthyans, or bony fishes, whose skeletons areto a great extent calcified. A shark? s skeleton is made largely of gristle that can bestr engthened by sedimentations of minerals in countries subjected to particular emphasis such as thejaws and vertebrae. gristle is an ideal interweave for sharks for several grounds.First, gristle is lighter than bone, of event for sharks which accept no swim vesica 8230 Second, gristle is a comparatively elastic stuff, giving tensile force toswimming and passing motions 8230 Lastly, gristle can turn throughout the lifeof a shark ( Sharks and Stats 1 ) .The basking shark is the common name for the dreaded fish pop offing to the sharkhousehold. It is found in all temperate oceans and can make a length of 43 pess. The baskingshark unremarkably swims near the surface of the piss and provenders on plankton that is constrained throughits broad, small-toothed oral quarry and fin braces of tremendous gill slits. each gill is run along with long,bristlelike rakers that yap the plankton. The basking shark was one time hunt down for the boastfulmeasures of oil contained in its liver, nevertheless this pattern has been stopped. This shark is non knownto be unsafe, but its size demands respect ( 98 Encyclopedia ) .The basking shark is a immense, time-honored fish that is merely 2nd in size to the giant shark.Like most sharks, it is characterized by a fusiform fundamental structure which is round and tapered atboth ends. This streamlined, rounded form reduces the clash of the water system and requires a displace localize of energy to swim. In add-on, the placoid graduate tables which are position in a regularform cut down the clash of the piss by leave the water system eat over the organic structure. These are very different from the comb-like graduated tables of bony fish which overlap to supply both trade protection andlissomeness ( Sharks and Stats 2 ) .The colour of the upper surface of the basking shark is a colour in brown, slate Grey, or evenblack. The lower surface is unremarkably white ( Bigelow and Shroeder ) . This countershadin g, a type ofcolour in which the abaxial side is darker than the adaxial side, enables the shark to commix withthe environment and be seen less slack by marauders and stone pit ( Sharks and Stats 1 ) .Observations from scientists have recorded a assortment of measurings from 35 to50 pess in length. The babes are normally five to six pess when they are born. Estimated weightsfor smaller 23 pes enjoying sharks from the peace-loving oceanic are 6,600 lbs where the large 30 pes enjoying sharks from the Atlantic weigh any bit much as 8,600 lbs ( Bigelow andSchroeder 147 ) .The fives of the basking shark are shaped in a half(prenominal) Moon form, the oral cavity is positionedon the bottom of the caput, and there is a broad separation of anterior nariss from the oral cavity. The gillsare so outstanding that they surround the cervix uteri of the basking shark with the starting time brace near meeting downstairs the pharynx. On the inside(prenominal) border of each gill are fou nd a great figure of thorny,bristle-likerakers directed indwelling and forward. The oral cavity is really big and can distribute at the corners witheasiness. On big specimens, the olfactive organ is short and conic with a rounded tip ( Bigalow andSchroeder 147 ) .The dentition of the basking shark are formed in run low rows like those of other sharkspecies. These dentitions are really little and great in figure to fit their map. These sharkshave no demand to turn big, serrated dentition of the more carnivorous assortments. ? several(prenominal) rows ofreplacing dentitions develop continuously throughout life behind the outermost row of functional dentitions?( Sharks and Stats 2 ) .The basking shark is a big non-threatening fish that is frequently seen sunning itself on thesurface of the H2O and that is wherefore it is named? basking. ? Because of its sensitive dentition, it is bewildered to assail. Often the shark suns itself with its back and dorsal fin spicy out of the H2O, onits side, or even on its dorsum ( Bigelow and Schroeder ) .Sometimes it loafs along with the neb out of the H2O, its oral cavity unfastened, while garneringits meal of plankton. The shark spends so small time paying be to boats that it can cushycome inside harpoon mount of shark huntsmans. These sharks anyway have been seen springiness out ofthe H2O ( Bigelow and Schroeder 62 ) .Enjoying sharks are normally seen in the disconnectedness of Maine departure just. Sometimes,nevertheless, they are seen in the northeastern get together States and in the Union office of their mountain chain inthe Atlantic in bighearted schools that include every bit many as 60 to a atomic number 6 members. During thewarm portion of the twelvemonth, enjoying sharks are a great deal seen in the northeasterly fall in States. In thewinter, they frequently move to deeper H2O where the temperature of the H2O does non fall so low( Bigelow and Shroeder ) .The most interesting classifiable feature of the basking shark is its funny diet. This big animalchows entirely on piffling oceanic inspire beingnesss. It sifts these out of the H2O with its greatly developed gillrakers, barely like other plankton-feeders. Their tummies have been found packed with minuteCrustacea digestion is so rapid that the nutrient swallowed is abruptly cut down to a soupy mound( Bigelow and Schroeder ) .Enjoying sharks produce untaped childlike like other sharks in their species although really small isknown round the construction of the upbringing forms. The female is known to hold ovariesincorporating six million immature eggs alternatively of the few that are prevailing in other sharks( Bigelow and Schroeder ) .The basking shark was originally vox populi to be an Artic species. Now, nevertheless, it isknown that it is an dweller of the trades union Atlantic and the thermic belts of the Atlantic and thePacific maritimes. The Northern saltation of the normal ambit of the enj oying shark of the NorthAtlantic appears to be Nova Scotia and Newfoundland the Southern bound is every bit far as theMediterranean Sea. North Carolina appears to organize the horse opera boundary ( Bigelow andSchroeder ) .At one clip, enjoying sharks every bit good as sperm cell giants were normally caught off the seashoreof Massachusetts. Their precious oil was see as a beginning for lamp oil by the settlers.However, their Numberss were shortly depleted by overfishing ( Bigelow and Schroeder ) .During the last 20 old ages, sharks and their traffic have been the purpose of serious field of study peculiarly in the hunt for a remedy for cancerous neoplastic distemperSharks and their relations, the skates and beams, have enjoyed spacious successduring their about 400 million old ages of being on res publica. unmatched ground for this surely is their eldritch might to defy unhealthiness 8230 tumour incidence in these animate beingsis carefully monitored by the Smithson ian Institution in Washington, D.C.( Luer 1 ) .In surveies at the particle Marine science laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, scientists are experimentingto find whether tumours can be produced in sharks and skates by exposing them to unfalteringcancer-causing chemicals. No alterations in the tissues of the sharks or their familial stuff of all timeresulted in cancerous tumours to be formed. After 10 old ages of research, the scientists haveconcluded that the resistence to malady can be explained by the immunoglobin ( IgM ) which? circulates in the shark blood at really high degrees and appears to be ready to assail assailsubstances at all times 8230 This entropy may someday take to meliorate methods of immune cellordinance in worlds, particularly cancerous neoplastic sickness patients? ( Luer 1-2 ) .In the 1980? s, surveies conducted at the Massachusetts initiate of Technology ( MIT ) andat Mote Marine Laboratory tried to wander the position of utilizing shark gristle for both malignant neoplastic disease andarthritisThese surveies of cow and shark gristle were knowing to understand howgristle is of course able to defy invasion by blood capillaries. If the footing forthis crushing could be identified, it was reasoned, so it might take to thedevelopment of a unfermented do drugs therapy. Such a drug could mastery the spread ofblood vass feeding a cancerous tumour, or the redness associated witharthritis ( Luer 2 ) .The primary counselor of the benefits of shark gristle has been Dr. I. William passageway. Inhis book, Sharks unagitated Don? T Get Cancer, Lane claims that? usage of whole shark gristle hasproven so effectual as an alternate malignant neoplastic disease therapy that it is now being analyse in human clinicaltests conducted under the protections of the United States Food and Drug Administration? ( 6 ) .The benefit of shark gristle is touted as a therapy which lucre the formation of new bloodvass and, hence, prevents the growth of cancerous tumours. This turn was namedantiangiogenesis ( anti = against, angio = blood, generation = formation of ) ( 8 ) .Research continues with the enjoying shark as a topic. In 1989, it was describe by JingChen that an oil emulsion from the? Cetorhinus maximus is a bran-new anti-carcinoma medical specialtymade from marine beings. pronounced betterment of the patient? s status such as weightaddition, partial shrinking of the self-loving ball and life extension force the distinctive characteristicsof oil emulsion of Cetorhinus maximus? ( 41-45 ) .Consequences of the largest current survey announced in May, 1997, by the non-profit Cancerhandling Research base of operations in Arlington Heights, Illinois, were dissatisfactory. The researchfound that Cartilade trade name shark gristle was uneffective against innovational instances of chest, colon,lung, and prostate malignant neoplastic disease. none of the 47 patients showed even partial tumour decrease subsequently 12 hebd omads ( environmental Nutrition 7 ) .Although Lane? s work continues to be followed, research efforts to verify his work hasnon been satisfactory. It was during a feature account on 60 Minutess when Mike Wallaceinterviewed Lane in Cuba that the register became well-known in America. The consequences of the studywere inconclusive but the battle of the American peck had been whetted ( Braun 5 ) .The value of the shark has yet to be to the full contumacious as a medical interference for homodisease. However, the current probes surely have loose new countries of survey for thesemonolithic animals of the warm oceans who have existed for 1000000s of old ages. The shark may bethe key to heavy(a) male? s hereafter.The Basking Shark fancy for the Future? incoming 8211 What are the biological features, home ground, and value of enjoying sharks?I. Interrelated life signifiers populate the oceans.A. Photoplankton compound nutrient.B. Small fish consume photoplankton.C. Zooplankton eats infinitesimal workss.D. Food concatenation ends with big animals.E. Some of the largest animals feed on the smallest.II. Ocean creatures feed at assorted deepnesss of the sea.A. more or less big animals receive at the top bed of the ocean.B. Small animals feed on organic dust deep in the ocean.III. Fish species include 340 members.A. SkatesB. RaysC. ChimerasD. SharksIV. Location of sharksA. fray dog WaterssB. tropic seasC. Subtropical WaterssV. continuance of the shark varies.A. titan shark every bit great as 49 pessB. Cookie-cutter shark every bit little as 19 inchesVI. Agressiveness varies.A. Most appear to be aggressive carnivores.B. Some of the largest are plankton-eaters.VII. Sharks have non changed from the Cretaceous Period.A. Caused by great mixed bag in demeanourB. Assortment of sizesC. first-class version accomplishmentsVIII. Sharks belong to category Chondrichthyes.A. scientific names of sharksB. Skeletons of Chondrichthyans are made of gristle.IX. peculiar (prenominal) features of the basking shark.A. Found in temperate oceansB. continuance up to 43 pessC. Swims near surfaceD. Feeds on planktonE. gigantic fishF. Mouth is bigG. Gill slitsH. Originally hunted for its liver oilI. Not known to be unsafeJ. Color blends with environmentK. Fusiform organic structureL. Placoid ScalesM. Characteristics of the caputN. Characteristics of the dentitionsTen. Scientists have recorded measurings of the basking shark.A. Babies are five to six pess at birth.B. Pacific Ocean basking sharksC. Atlantic Ocean basking sharksD. Others have observed lengths from 35 8211 50 pess.Eleven. Sharks have been observed in many topographic points.A. Gulf of Maine swimming entirelyB. northeastern United States in big NumberssC. In winter, they move to warm climeD. Known boundariesTwelve. Breeding forms are mostly unknown.A. Produce unrecorded immatureB. Ovaries contain six million immature eggs.Thirteen. Sharks have been studied as a remedy for malignant neoplas tic disease.A. Ability to defy diseaseB. Few tumours have been discovered by Smithsonian InstitutionC. Do non organize tumours when exposed to cancer-causing stuffD. Studies may take to assist for malignant neoplastic disease patients.E. Several scientific discipline labs have studied the usage of shark gristle for malignant neoplastic disease remedies.1. Dr. I. William Lane 8211 Sharks serene Don? T Get Cancer2. Jing Chen in 19893. Cancer interposition Research Foundation survey is let downing.4. Current surveies argue inconclusive consequences. decision Current probes and modern cognition of the basking shark have opened newcountries of survey with deductions for the wellness of openhanded male.Plants Cited? Basking Shark, ? 98 Encyclopedia. estimator Software. calcium Microsoft Encarta, 1998.CD-ROM.Bigelow and Schroeder. ? Fishs of the Gulf of Maine. ? United States government PrintingOffice, 1953. Online. Internet. 25 Apr. 1998. usable hypertext off communications pro tocol //, Wendy R. ? A Different affable of Shark ardour ( Shark cartilage for Cancer bar ) . ?Medical Update. Abstract. wellness Reference Center. Las Vegas-Clark County libraryDistrict. 26 Apr. 1998. Sept. 1996 5.Chen, Jing, Weiguo Wang, Huozhong Zhang, et. Al. ? Oil Emulsion of Cetorhinus Maximus inTreating malignant Tumors A clinical Observation of 45 Cases. ? Online. Internet. 25Apr. 1998. 41-45. gettable J.-MAR.-DRUGS-HAIYANG-YAOWU.Lane, Dr. I William and Linda Comac. Sharks quiet down Don? T Get Cancer. garden City Park, NewYork Avery Publishing Group, 1996.Luer, Dr. Carl A. ? Sharks and Cancer. ? Online. Internet. 25 Apr. 1998. Availablehypertext transplant protocol //marinelab. Shark, ? 98 Encyclopedia. Computer Software. California Microsoft Encarta, 1998.CD-ROM.? Shark Facts and Stats planetary Characteristics. ? Online. Internet. 25 Apr. 1998. Availablehypertext transfer protocol //www. So Far, Shark Cartilage Is a Fishy Treatment For Cancer. ? Environmental Nutrition. Abstract. health Reference Center. Las Vegas-Clark County subroutine library District. 26 Apr. 1998. Sept.1997 7.Whipple, A.B.C. bustling Oceans. Planet Earth Ser. Alexandria, Virginia Time-Life Books,1983.

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Literacy Narrative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Literacy Narrative - Essay ExampleIt was only much later that we got our first rudimentary lessons in English language. It was a bit breezy at first, because our entire class of grade schoolers had to learn all the basics of English grammar. The English teacher we had was quite good although admittedly her own diction and intonations were far from being perfect but it was acceptable anyway to us pupils who did not know any better. I dissolve h iodinestly say that the howling(prenominal) world beyond my verdant started to open up with all those lessons in English literature fit for our kiddies class. I still can remember how we laughed and giggled on some of the strange words and sounds we had to master as we went along in our English classes up to graduating from the elementary. I realized the brilliance of English proficiency when our mint reached high school. This was the clipping when we had to learn science, mathematics and biology so we need to learn and be proficient at a certain level of the English language to pass our examinations. At that time, there was not much pressure to really master the intricacies of English because we had not just seen the direct relationship of English mastery to our future careers. In this regard, it can be safely said that all my English learning happened while I was still in my country of birth and therefore, English was spoken only occasionally and only when really necessary. If memory serves me right, it was probably in my sophomore or junior year when the importance of learning the English language first came into sharp focus. We were asked to do a literature essay in English this time and I had a thorny time finishing my assignment. It must be borne in mind that our writing assignment need to be finished in an hours time or less and previously, I had been overly dependent on using an English dictionary to put my thought into paper. My other classmates had already turned in their papers and I was not yet ev en halfway through. I was already panicked at that point and my thoughts were a total jumble one thing I can say is that I always have a lot of creative ideas on my mind. A chief difficulty was place these thoughts down to a written paper that is understandable and connects to a reader. My high school teacher was standing nearby, all ready to get my paper at a time I finished. This was because I was the only one still left inside the classroom since I must admit honestly that I always struggled with my English since coming into contact with this lingua franca. The time was up for me and I had wanted to still write some more since I knew my paper was not yet good enough. It was at that point in my life when I realized and resolved to vastly improve my English language skills so I can get ahead in my career and with my life. At that time, my English language skills in terms of reading and writing were terrible and I really struggled. When I entered college, there were plenty of oppo rtunities to improve my English skill in terms of speaking, reading, writing and most importantly, comprehension. In particular, the facility with English was vastly improved with my changeless viewing of television shows that were broadcast in English without any native language sub-titles at the bottom of the screen. I knew right then that my English go away improve someday but I decided to read a lot of books, magazines and newspapers printed in English precisely for this purpose. Secondly, I had what can be called a

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Strategic Human Resources Management Bachelor Essay

Strategic Human Resources Management Bachelor - Essay ExampleThis paper contributes to the study/life balance and acidify/non-work conflict literature by analyzing the literature of various studies, which examine the attitudes and experiences relating to work/life balance among UK, employees in the first 10 years of their cargoners. Specifically, the analysis explores the extent to which work/life balance matters, the extent to which it is being achieved and the factors that determine perceptions of work/non-work conflict, including the state of the psychological contract between employer and employee, work involvement and organisational support. The potential impact of work/non-work conflict on organisational commitment is examined, and the policy implications for employers considered.Corporate leaders understand that employees work and family lives rare inextricably linked. They al ways have been but today, with increased pressures in both domains, the overlap and the scraps cre ated are increasingly obvious and complex to resolve. Solving the paradox seated in an organisations need to be optimally productive and the individualistics need to find quality time to meet domestic responsibilities, to establish, maintain and grow relationships and to relax and re-charge, is the great challenge of the new millennium. Most managers have yet to overcome the conundrum for themselves let alone help employees resolve it in their lives.The prospects for easing the work/ life asymmetry dilemma lie, at least in part, in establishing what is creating it. Know thy enemy and so forth. Enemy number one moldiness surely be the time distribution imbalance trap - systematically committing too much time to work where this is having a detrimental impact on personal life.However, the concept of work-life balance means different things to different people, and there are always shades of grey. What is an imbalance to one person is perfectly acceptable to another. In addition, com mercial realities cannot be ignored. Somehow, the needs of key customers and/or other stakeholders must be met or they will take their patronage elsewhere. These and the myriad of other re lated issues are why the problem is so vexed and why galore(postnominal) leaders effectively suspend their attempts to solve it. It ends up in the too hard basket. However, given the gravity of the problem and the potential upside that comes with finding a remedy, at whatever point the issue must come back to the fore. So where to startMost managers agree that a so-called quality work environment reduces the employment stresses that can release over to staffs personal lives and create distress. The quality work environment bundle might include job characteristics such as work time flexibility, individual responsibility and autonomy, the physical office environment, pay, equity and advancement conditions. Lastly, but certainly not least, the nature of interpersonal relations in the office is ver y important.For more or less time, it has been argued that achieving a balance between home life and work life is increasingly a priority for many people. As long ago as the late 1980s, Scase and

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The yellow wall paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The yellow wall paper - Essay ExampleShe becomes obsessed with the rooms skanky yellow wallpaper. Throughout the general summary as well as the chapter explanations, the narrator suffered from temporary nervous depression. Out of this, the husband orders her to take a shack on what actually the narrator describes as the haunted house. For the sake of the two of them to stay there, the woman gives in despite her feeling uncomfortable. To wrap up the signification of the title, the yellow house built of yellow bricks (Gilman and Jean 50).The story has a variety of characters that help develop the story line. First, there is the narrator. Through the eyes of the wise narrator, who is the protagonist, her know it all helps the reader to unveil the rather knit up the story of the woman with complications and the ordeals of the family as well as the neighbors. She is imaginative and creative somebody as she lives to tell of the societys view of womens artistic skills and intellect as a n anomaly, as misfits and ill as shown through the story. John is the an separate(prenominal) character, the narrators husband, who happens to be a physician. He totally differs on his wifes intellect for his chauvinistic stance only propels him to believe what he can only see and touch. For example, his own creation of hypochondriac, as the disease for his woman tells it all. His busy schedule is what ignites her wife to stay alone and choose to write, an neurotic ritual centered on the yellow paper in their room (77). Jennie, Johns sister serves as the house help. Her duty also refer to check up the overgrowing zealous of Johns wife in writing. Her brothers belief of a concrete view of the world binds her. The other main character is Weir Mitchell, the doctor who engineered the rest cure for Johns wife. These characters are real personnels as the author deviates from using fictionalisation characters.The setting reflects the era when

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Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stress - Essay ExampleThis paper discusses the problems brought about by stress possible solutions to problems on stress and a case study from the University of Michigan. Problem Stress Stress is depends on the mind and bodys qualification to adapt to demands as required by the environment (Olpin and Hesson, 2013), whether at work, home or in universities. There are three reflexions of stress that should be considered. showtime is the personal view of the various(prenominal)ist experiencing the stress and this can become either a positive or negative factor. The second aspect is the individuals reaction to the entirety of the events rather than the specific event alone, and this will be the key to either a positive or negative result. The third aspect is the capacity or threshold by which the body can hold the stress, meaning the capacity to handle the stress and if such exists in the individual, this yields good results. However, when the individual fails to handle the stress, the effect is negative (Olpin and Hesson, 2013). But when an individual begins to see only the negative side of the stress, this is where the problems on stress come in. Stress has various effectuate on individuals. This may be emotionally, physically, behaviorally or psychologically as a whole, stress poses risks to a persons health. High amounts of stress push the individual to exert more energy to be able to meet the demands in the environment. Many scientists have studied and established that stress is a factor in increased blood pressure and over-fatigue. Some psychological problems care disturbance and depression are also set up to stress. Although anxiety is normal to human beings, anxiety disorders are more serious because these psychological disorders can disrupt a persons ability to live a normal life. Anxiety disorders like agoraphobia or social anxiety disorder are some of the most common types, which, if untreated develops to depression and increases even the tenden cy of suicide after the attack (Stress, 2013). Addiction and dependence on other things, like food or alcohol, to cope with stress is also an effect of stress. A study conducted by Gluck (2006) studied the effect of stress as a trigger to excessive eating, or binge eating. This kind of eating disorder may result in obesity, or much worse, anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN). Solutions The most important thing to maintain the balance in wellness of a human being is stress decrease and management. The first way in managing stress is avoiding substances like drugs and alcohol. The initial relief may be felt however, this becomes more problematic in the long lay out and will eventually add more stress. Support from family, friends, colleagues and other persons that you may feel comfortable with, will be helpful as well. Knowing that in that location are people whom you can talk to and are willing to listen to you lightens the burden that the stress gives you. Exercising a nd having a massage could also help let off stress. By doing something else, a hobby or just going to the mall or walking in the park, takes away the minds focus on the stress that a person experiences. It is important that stress is channeled positively so that there is more fulfillment for ones self, rather than the destructive effects (Centers for Disease Control and

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Legal unit3 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Legal unit3 - Case Study Example28). Lastly, the conclusion of the issue before Court pronounce of ruling (Guether 2006, sec 1.1).This Appeal involves Lovington Good Centre as the appellant against Mrs. Mitchell the Appellee. The history of this case is that Mitchell got terminated by the Appellee without benefit Mitchell applied to the Unemployment Commission for benefits, plainly the application got turned down. Mitchell then, appealed to the Tribunal of Appeal which reversed the commission decision. The centre appealed the decision of the Appeal Tribunal to the Commissioner who reversed the decision upholding the disqualification of benefits. Mitchell appealed the Commissioners decision to the district approach which overruled the Commissioners decision reinstating the benefits causing the Centre to appeal.The facts are that, Mitchell had used insubordinate language by art her seniors bird brains and that on several occasion she failed to wear reproducible while on duty. The question before the Court is whether Mrs. Mitchells actions amount to misconduct. Misconduct rule got applied as defined in the case of Boyton plug Co v Neubeck, 237 Wis. 248 (1941) to mean willful disregard of an employers interest as observing in deliberate violation of standards which the employer expects from the employee. The failure of Mitchell to wear the uniform and calling of names amounts to misconduct. In conclusion because Mrs. Mitchell willfully and negligently fails to wear uniform as instructed by the employer is guilty of misconduct.This case involves Rodman as the appellant against Mexico Security division as the Appellee. The Appeal arose from the upholding of administrative decision denying unemployment compensation to the appellant. The facts are that, Rodman the appellate used to receive subordinate telephone calls and visitors during the time of work at Presbyterian Hospital. Rodman move receiving phone

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Endometrial cancer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Endometrial cancer - Essay ExampleThe most coarse type of endometrial cancer is endometrioid adenocarcinoma. It is developed in cells that form glands of the endometrium and shows specific features under the microscope.Endometrioid endometrial cancer (EEC) is the most common type of endometrial cancer, which compromises virtu bothy 75% to 80% of endometrial cancer and usually occurs at the time of, or one to two decades after menopause, and shows most common symptoms with vaginal bleeding. Its clinical behaviour and grade depend on the degree of differentiation. High grade of tumour development are associated with more than advanced stage of disease.Endometrial subtype of endometrial cancer (EEC) is estrogen related. It is already well defined that high level of estrogen in patients lead to increase the risk of endometrial adenocarcinoma as estrogen hormone sustains to promote the growth of endometrial cancer cells. That is, the risk of tumour development is associated with an inc rease in uncontrolled estrogen activity. According to the rent of classic model regarding endometrial cancer and breast cancer, estrogen modulates the expression of estrogen responsive downstream effectors by binding to estrogen receptor and induces incidental reactions through the action of estrogen receptor at the transcriptional level. The second most common form is papillary serous adenocarcinoma, which is composed of about 10% of all endometrial cancers and another form is clear cell adenocarcinoma, which compromises about 4-5% of all endometrial carcinomas. Both papillary serous and clear cell adenocarcinomas show more aggressiveness than endometrioid adenocarcinomas, and can be often detected at advanced stages.Estrogen hormone functions on cell growth and differentiation, mainly in tissues of fruitful system including mammary glands, uterus, vagina and ovaries in female and testis,

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Dissertation Topic Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Dissertation Topic Proposal - Essay Examplet to research because it defines not only the need for working with leaders but it also gives an opportunity to organizations to understand the coaching relationship. According to Ennis, Goodman, Hodgetts, et.a. (2005), coaching is a do work and central to this process is the ability of the coach to help a leader develop to their full potential in an organization. Many organizations find that exemplary leadership must be retained in their reengineering or restructuring efforts and often the way to retain them is through fostering executive coaching.Executives bring about change, and this researcher willing look at change management and how it can be implemented within a health care organization using executive coaching. learn executives are needed by large and small organizations to evaluate the behaviors of their employees, their attitudes at work, their level of enthusiasm and motivation and the factors that influence them to have a po sitive scout towards their jobAccording to Giglio, L & Diamante, T & Urban, J.M (1998) organizations are willing to provide a coach for senior level theatre directors when it is perceived that the executive is in trouble, is liberation to be in trouble, or when the executive has isolated himself/herself from the senior level team. The time for executive coaching seems to be best done before the individualistic is in trouble because change usually generates from the decision making level of an organization. The change agent can be defined as a manager who is there to reconfigure an organizations roles, responsibilities, structures and the output Saka,A(2002).Executive coaching is important to the restructuring or re-engineering of a healthcare organization in order for its leaders to hold out forward. In moving forward, a leader becomes a change agent who helps motivate employees, help them accept change on an ongoing basis and helps to induct the employees.The purpose of this research is the identification of the role of executive coaching

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Israel and Palestine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Israel and Palestine - Assignment Exampleen attack Jerusalem and Jordan parts controlled by the Israeli while Israelites attack Palestinians in Jordan, Jerusalem and Gaza as a means of retaliation and maintenance of security from what they term as terrorism from the Palestinians.Although the international companionship has shown interest in reconciliatory and mediation roles, I think the problems of Israel and Palestine can only be resolved by mutual consent by the Jews and the Palestinians. rapprochement attempts had been made since 1948 when independent Palestine State and independent Jewish State were established (Sela, 2002). The move seemed to bring an end to a serious engagement in the region, but the struggle between the two countries is still on until now. There is need for the Palestinians and the Israelis to change their attitudes towards each other, but this is difficult because each side has potent and radical conviction about their religion, territories, power and sec urity. International community may play the role of advising and encouraging both sides to loosen their demands, but the final bridle-path to peace will be created by the two nations willingly.The Jews and the Palestinians agreed that Palestine actually deserved to be a free state. West Bank and Gaza was considered to be acceptable locations of the Palestinian State. However, disagreements ensued on the shape and boundaries of those regions (Sela, 2002). The two regions have been the main centers of fights between Israel and Palestine. This clearly shows that the Israeli-Palestine conflicts are fueled by disagreements on boundaries. In this case, no international body will come to the region and tell Israel that this land belongs to Palestine, so just leave it, or tell Palestine the same thing. Israelites and Palestinians just have the ability to sit and agree on the boundaries, but because each one of them wants to take control, they never seem to come to such an agreement. That is why conflict does not seem to be ending soon.What

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Political science 1 quiz questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Political science 1 quiz questions - Essay ExampleThis caused the basis of an ever changing government that could change to new definitions of justice in the future. For example, the United States has a Constitution that can be amended, as with the Thirteenth Amendment that abolished slavery.The second ideal that Plato gave the revolutionaries was the concept of every private had a talent, and should be able to follow that talent despite being splendor or peasant. While Platos ideas about talent in The state were used by the revolutionaries, Marx based some of his views on this concept as well. In Marxs view, each individual should do what they were talented at. If a herculean soldier had the soul of a poet, they would still be sent to war in a Marxist society. Both democracy and Marxism can find their grow in Platos The Republic.The Renaissance ideas that were used by the revolutionaries were the doubt about monarchies, nobility, and peasants. The Renaissance brought the idea that everyone had the right to be free and enjoy life, whether born nobility or peasant. The ideal of equality coming from the Renaissance caused both the United States and France to create legislative bodies, constitutions, and create a democratic government that has endured since both revolutions.Voltaire, doubting Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, John Jay, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Warren G. Harding created governments based on Antiquity and Renaissance ideas. Both the French and American Revolutions were violent. However, the men merchantman the violence were intelligent organizers that created two new governments.2) What are the chief(prenominal) institutions of the Federal government? What document describes its form and function? What is the purpose and function of the three main institutions of the Federal government? What is the importance of the principles of separation of powers, checks and

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Social sustainability Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Social sustainability - Assignment ExampleThe star organizations around the globe are trying to capitalize on the advantages that rush been created due to globalization. The global foodstuff has become much more competitive after the Second World War. All the leading organizations have implemented move technology, strategic tools in their railway line process (Lancaster and Withey, 2012, p.38). Now-a-days people are much more concern about the quality of products as they have several options and substitutes for a product. In terms of organization, several firms are trying to bring sustainability in the business by focusing on the social, economic and environment sustainability as these depart increase the brand reputation in this global competitive market (Bidgoli, 2006, p.173). The study is all about the analysis and evaluation of the social, economic and environment sustainability of leading home furniture retail IKEA. The organization has promoted and planned several sustai nability projects and programmes in order to improve the situation of global economy, community and environment. The study will shit all the hidden aspects thoroughly. IntroductionSustainability can be defined as fulfilling needs without compromising the capability of the fulfilling of needs of future generation (Moore, 2010, p.20). It improves the quality of life. in that location are certain aspects that should be contained, such as social, economic and environmental. In the business practices it is known as 3BL or Triple Bottom Line. Sustainable business can be defined as an endeavour who has limited negative impact on local or global environment, society, community or economy. habitually sustainable business firms have progressive human rights and environmental policies. Generally the business can be determined as green business when that go-ahead fulfils the following criteria. It manufactures and supplies environment friendly goods and services and the enterprise is greene r comparing to the traditional competition. It has made loyalty to the environment policies in the business operations. It includes sustainability principles into business decisions. Any enterprise that practices green and environment friendly activities in order to ensure all the processes and manufacturing activities are current environmental concerned can be termed as sustainable business. IKEA is a leading global home furnishing retailer. The growth story of the organization since 1943 is very much eventful and effectual. Presently the organization is leading the global market place and the organization is popular for its Scandinavian style. Major of the furniture of IKEA are flat-pack and prepared to be assembled by the buyers. The organization carries almost a range of more than 9,500 products. Online purchasing facilities have increased the core competency of IKEA. Till date there are 20 IKEA stores in UK (Boone and Kurtz, 2009, p.219). The study will determine the actions a nd strategies of IKEA towards social, stinting and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the study will highlight the Green House Gas Management Programme of IKEA. After evaluation, the study will draw the findings and will give some recommendation plan. Finally the study will articulate a brief and clear conclusion. Social Sustainability The aim and objective of IKEA states that they want to provide break out life for the community and people through the business practices. Moreover, the organization always focuses on establishing healthy and better place to work for the employees and the suppliers. Supporting children and vulnerable communities and commitment to supporting human rights is a path of promoting social sustainability through the busin

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Someone to Respect and Admire Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Some ace to Respect and Admire - Research Paper ExampleHe earned his galvanising engineering degree from Mysore University. He later earned his degree in computer science Indian institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. IIT is treated as one of the top engineering colleges in the country. In 1981 Mr. Murthy founded Infosys Technologies alongside six of his friends. Some will even be surprised to know that none of the friends actually ha the capital of start the association. However wife of Mr. Murthy, who also happened to be an engineer by profession had somehow managed to save Rs. 1000 i.e. $250 that was donated by her for the company. Since then it authentically has been a fairy tale. From the extreme modest beginning the company has become a corporate giant achieving one success after the other. In 2001 the company became was chosen as the best managed company in the Asia. It is also the biggest exporters of software from India. From its humble beginnings the company has expanded its horizon and is present in all all over the globe with over 60 offices including the U.S. (Barney, 2010, p.216). Essence of integrity and Ethics in the leadership The best way to focus on the essence of integrity and morality is probably through an example. With an objective to interview Mr. Murthy an interviewer once visited the office of his. It is said that at that point of time the company had suffered loss in cable nourish growth. When the topic was asked to Mr. Murthy the answer given by him was amazing, inspirational and ethical to say the least. As per Mr. Murthy the advice given him to the colleagues in not too look at the stock market as it was believed by him that there is so very little to look at the stock. According to him to main objective of the company must be to maintain transparency to the investors, no to violate the law of the land and maintain harmony in the society and deliver quality products to the clients on time (Singhal, 2003, P.45). acuteness int o the leader Mr. Narayana Murthy is truly an inspirational leader to say the least. It has already been discussed about the journey of the company from its modest beginning to the pinnacle of success. It was once said by him only that a true leader is the one who leads from front. A true leader leads by example. He sacrifices more than anyone in the quest of excellence. It has forever been the view of his that if confidence is provided to the quite a little tremendous things can be achieved. It has been the belief of the great man that people having entrepreneurial strengths must have ideas which are marketable in nature. Success cant be achieved alone, the very essence learnt by him at a very young age from his father paid fertile evidence in the success as he believed that entrepreneurship is a marathon but a hundred meter dash. In the year 199 the company became the first-year registered Indian company listed on American stock exchange. As per a poll by Asiaweek Mr. Murthy w as chosen as one of the most powerful people in Asia. He was also voted as the best CEO (Murthy, 2010, p.9). The standouts of the person The factors influencing the success of Mr. Murthy are undoubtedly his vision. Once it was said by him that beyond original point money should only be treated as a power and opportunity to give something back to society. Over the course of time this has always been backed up through his actions. The driving force behind his success is not destination, but the love of the journey. Here another example must be taken. It has become a corporate culture to work for late hours, something which is a

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Criminal Justice System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Criminal Justice System - Essay ExampleOne of the issues facing the justice clay is the existence of a gap in terms of punishment to adolescent offenders, especially for extreme crimes such as murder. Scott and Steinberg argue that the adolescent cannot be penalize as a juvenile delinquent as for this may be too lenient while punishing the adolescent as an adult peradventure also be too harsh. The justice system is then faced with a difficult decision as both of these punishments is seems inappropriate. For example, in a young case of graham flour versus Florida, Graham, 16 years old was found to have violated his probation terms by committing other crime. In the hearing, the court found Graham culpable of the previous charges, revoked his probation and sentenced him to life impoundment without an option of parole. In this case, the first ruling seems quite lenient in that the offender does not reform or cease to engage in criminal behavior but in fact seems to increase his eng agement in crime. The second ruling of life imprisonment without parole seems to be too severe considering his was a non-homicidal crime and regarding his age, he would spend most of his life in prison.The fact that there is no matter consensus on the punishment of criminal offenders between the ages of 14 and 18 years presents another challenge to the justice system in the US. For example, in the case of rope-maker versus Simmons, Simmons had planned and committed a murder at the age of seventeen. Such a violent crime cannot go unpunished. At the age of eighteen, he was sentenced to expiration which is the punishment for adults. Whilst the evidence presented was overwhelming, the fact that he committed the crime while he was still seventeen did influence the reduction of his sentence from a death penalty to life imprisonment.

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Men become victims of their misplaced trust in false friends Essay

Men be pay back victims of their misplaced trust in false friends - Essay ExampleIt is about the story of a prisoner, Gregory, who places complete trust in the friendship of his enemy. Gregory was given two chances to escape to save his own life but he fails to run a personal manner. Gregory is materialistic. He cares only for his present which is comfortable complete for him. He does not realize his friend must obey his superior and that means that his friend will kill him. Gregory is shot but he does not die immediately. He hangs on to his friend for life or for death. His friend is forced to shoot him several times in order to make a clean killing. His friend honors Gregory by not humiliating his body with a public hanging. Gregory thinks that his friend has breached his trust by shooting him. His soldier friend blames Gregorys folly for his death.Nabil Gorgy wrote Cairo Is a Small metropolis in 1983. This story is about Engineer Adil Salim, who is killed in revenge for his murde r of a bedouin man, Mubarak bin Rabia. Adil is a grand man who has a big ego. He thinks of himself being intelligent because he is educated as an engineer. He makes the false overture of drawing attention to himself by his blatant courtship of a beautiful bedouin girl named Salma. He is watched and recognized as the murderer of Mubarak. The bedouins plot their vengeance craftily. They are above reproach as they use the girl, Salma, as bait to ensnare Adil. Adil falls into their trap and is killed. Adil is a victim of his own carelessness, ego, lust, stupidity and trusting nature. Cairo Is a Small City uses an omniscient narrator.This essay uses these two short stories to compare the similarities on how trust is betrayed. The essay takes the position that the two victims, Gregory and Adil, deserve to die, because of the fault of gullible trust in their personal characters. Adil trusted in the shopkeepers strategy of befriending the woman because he saw that it worked. Gorgy and the omniscient narrator want to blame the shopkeeper for showing Adil the flirtatious method of bartering for the womans affections. The narration says ...had it not been for that day, Adils mind would not have given birth to the plan he was determined, whatever the cost, to put through, because of that woman who had bewitched his heart. (Hirschberg & Hirschberg 24). Adil does not movement the consequences if the trust goes wrong. He is gullible and the fault is his alone. Adil trusted in his own bravery. The evidence that supports this argument is in the narration As every man, according to Adils philosophy of life, had inwardly him a devil, it was sometimes better to follow this devil in order to placate him and avoid his tyranny. (Hirschberg & Hirschberg 24). When Salmas father asks Adil many questions, alarm bells started ringing in his thinker but Adil chooses to ignore the feeling that something might be wrong. Instead, Adil sweeps the feeling of misgiving away. The narrator s ays Though Adil noticed in the fathers tone something more than curiosity, he attributed this to the nature of the bedouin and their traditions. (Hirschberg & Hirschberg 27). Adil makes the fall away of taking the interrogation lightly. He places complete trust in Salma and her father who have invited him to their home. It is his mistake. Adil only realizes too late that his trust is misplaced In the same way as Adil had previously built the seven storey building that represented the seven months, each month containing twenty-eight days, till he would see Salmas take care whenever it was full moon, he likewise sensed that this was the tribunal which had been set up to make an enquiry with him into the killing of the man whom he had one day come across on the tracks between the oases of Kharga and Farshout. (Hirschberg & Hirschberg 27). Adil was too trusting to walk into the lions lair of the bedouins and he was served his punishment. In the story of Gregory, the narrator and

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Investigating the Effects of Surface Area on the Rate of Reaction Essay Example for Free

Investigating the Effects of Surface Area on the pasture of Reaction EssayAimTo study the effects of changing the surface subject area on the rate of a chemical reactionHypothesisThis possible action is based on the Collision Theory, where in order to react, the two particles involved essential1. Collide with each other2. The collision must be spry enough to overcome the activation energy of the reaction3. The collision must bring the reactive parts of the molecule into contact the correct way they must collide with appropriate geometry (the reactive parts)Considering that the surface area of a particle is a factor out that mainly affects the collision rate of particles, it would be safe to sorb that as the surface area increases, the reaction rate increases. The graph should turn out to be something homogeneous this1. the reaction is the fastest at the start2. The reaction is slowing shine here3. No more product is formedAmount of productTimeVariablesVariableFactorWh at is manipulatedDependentTimeThe measure it takes for the reaction to complete depends on the surface area of the compounds being utilise, because it determines the rate in which the reaction will occur.IndependentVolume of the gas collected (H2, CO2)The occur of gas collected for each experiment will depend on theControlled1. Mass of Calcium carbonate (both marble chips and fine-grained form)2. Mass of magnesium (both medal and powder)3. Volume of Hydrochloric Acid4. Apparatus Used1. The masses of the substances utilized will proceed constantly fixed during the experiment2. 50 cm3 of HCl will be used for every trial 550 cm3 in total3. The apparatus used will remain the alike(p) throughout the whole experimentChemical ReactionsMg + 2HCl MgCl2 + H21. Magnesium ornamentation2. Hydrogen Gas will be the gas collected1. 3 Trials will take place1. Mass of Magnesium ribbon in1. Trial 1 0.064 grams2. Trial 2 0.063 grams3. Trial 3 0.065 gramsCaCO3 + 2HCl CaCl2 + H2O + CO21. s tain Chips2. Carbon Dioxide will be the gas collected1. 2 Trials will take place1. Mass of Marble Chips in1. Trial 1 3.998 grams2. Trial 2 3.988 gramsNa2CO3 + 2HCl 2NaCl + H2O + CO21. Sodium Carbonate (Powdered)2. Carbon Dioxide will be the gas collected1. 2 Trials will take place1. Mass of Sodium Carbonate1. Trial 1 0.504 grams2. Trial 2 0.505 gramsApparatus1. Eye-Protection 1 pair of Safety Glasses2. 1 pair of Scissors3. 1 Electronic Scale4. 1 Conical Flask (100cm3)5. 1 Single-holed rubber bung and delivery tube to fit conical flask6. 1 Measuring cylinder (100cm3)7. StopwatchChemicals1. 12cm of Magnesium Ribbon2. 550 cm3 of Hydrochloric Acid3. Marble Chips4. Sodium Carbonate (Powdered)Method1. Set up apparatus as shown2. Fill the conical flask with 50cm3 of HCl3. Insert the end of the syringe into the hole on top of the stopper4. Add the magnesium ribbon5. Seal the flask with a rubber stopper as quickly as you can, at the same time have some unrivalled else present to start the stop watch once the magnesium ribbon has been added to the hydrochloric acid6. As the reaction takes place, note down the time it takes for the gas collected to reach a multiple of 5 (i.e. 5mL, 10mL .50,55,60,65 etc)7. Keep measuring until the reaction has stopped, or you are unable to measure any longer8. Repeat each experiment 3 times, just to be sure the data collected is accurate9. At step 4, replace the underlined compound with the undermentioned compound after one experiment is completedConclusion unfortunately I was unable to create a graph using time as the independent variable, because the lab that I had utilized did not have the equipment available to accurately to record the data if time were to be the independent variable. Another factor that played into my decision was the fact that the smallest calibration of the glass syringe I used was 5 cm3. Since the only visible measurements shown on the syringe were multiples of 5, it would only front reasonable that I switch a round the variables, making time the dependent variable, and the volume collected the independent variable, since I couldnt exactly measure how very much gas would be collected every 5 seconds otherwise the relationship the graph would depict would be completely incorrect.As you can see on the graphs, the slightly steep slopes show when the reaction is the quickest, as it should be in the beginning. The curve shows the reaction slowing down, but unfortunately the curve continues. This is because the reaction is let off taking place. I was unable to record the rest of the data because the measuring tools that were available werent able to record to such a high degree. In some cases though, like in the powdered sodium carbonate experiment, the reaction began so quickly that I wasnt able to record the time in most cases, so I just stuck with those that I had managed to note down. In other cases, there were so many distractions in the lab that it was difficult to remain focused. My cl assmates kept removing some if the items that I was using.The idea was to see how the rate of reaction changed when the surface area of a substance was increased. Initially, my plan was to react magnesium ribbon and magnesium powder with 1 mole of Hydrochloric acid so I could compare and contrast how the surface area of the substance affected the rate of reaction. I had planned to keep everything about the two substances the same. Its element, mass, the amount of Hydrochloric acid I was going to react with it the only thing antithetical would be its surface area. Unfortunately the Lab didnt have any available. So I decided to do the same experiment to Calcium Carbonate, this time using marble chips and powdered calcium carbonate. To my dismay I found that the powdered calcium carbonate wasnt reacting at all. So I had to change it to sodium carbonate.There is skepticism about using different elements, seeing as they have different orders of reactivity. These factors, including the parsimony of the acid used, could alike affect the rate of reaction. However, the same acid concentration was used for all experiments, in all trials so we can dismiss that. However, sodium is much higher up the reactivity series than calcium, which is higher up the reactivity series than magnesium. This is the problem with this experiment the elements positions in the reactivity series could have really altered the rate of reaction.However, the experiments still prove that when the surface area of a substance is increased, the rate of reaction increases as well. This happens because, when two substances react only the surface particles of the substances can come into direct contact with the reactant particles. Increasing a substances surface area, like turning big solid chunks of calcium carbonate into powder, leaves more solid particles available to react. The more particles available to react at one time, the faster the rate of the reaction.Like thisOnly atoms on the surface ca n reactIf you break the substance down, moreatoms are uncovered and ready to react.EvaluationConsidering the lack of material available, I foretell in I was able to manage the experiment fairly enough to produce results. However, I am not pleased with the factors that may or may not have affected my results, and the circumstances in which I had to switch my variables around. Therefore I would like to state a few things I would like to alter, if ever I got the change to do this experiment again.1. Apparatus1. Next time, instead of using a stopwatch, I would like to use a digital device, like a laptop for example, that was somehow connected to the glass syringe, which was programmed to record the volume of the gas collected every 5 seconds. This time the graph would turn out the way it should be.2. Instead of using a measuring cylinder, I would replace it with a burette, as it takes more accurate measurements of liquids.1. Chemicals Used1. I would try and used the same element next time the only difference would be the surface area. For example, if I used magnesium, to study the effects of surface area on the rate of reaction, I would only you magnesium ribbon and magnesium powder. Studying different elements with different reactivitys would dismiss any data already collected because an elements position on the reactivity series may also determine the rate of reaction. Use the same element.1. Amount of People involved in the experiment1. If I had to do the experiment again, with the same apparatus, I think I would like to have 3 people participating in the collection of data. 1 person would be watching the syringe rise and call out to record whenever it rose, the 2nd person would time it, and the 3rd person would record it. This time, the data may be even more accurate, because no one is taking their eye off the experiment, like I was doing during my experiment just to record data.I feel that altering these aspects of the experiment would increase the level o f accuracy, as to get more substantial data to calculate the order of reaction. Unfortunately with the data I have so far, I am unable to take off the concentrations of the substances I had utilized in my experiment. However, as the objective was to investigate whether or not different surface areas affected the rate of the reaction, I think that I have produced enough data to support my theory.