Sunday, August 18, 2019

Science and the Community :: Business Management Studies

Science and the Community How GSK affects the community in which it is situated. Gsk may affect the local community which it is situated in many different ways as most of their employees are not from local community so the company hardly have an impact on the community. How many people do GSK employed and the skills they used ? Gsk employed about 110,000 employees worldwide; with quarter of the amount doing research and development. In Stevenage there is about 2400 staff of which 70% are laboratory scientist. There are many different skills used by their employees as they used science in every aspect of research and development. They uses science technicians for discovering new drugs which is a high tech process therefore they use robotics extensively as they are more efficient and effective than using human technicians. Most of there scientist interface there experiment with IT systems for running them, monitoring them and collecting and analysing results. Basic economic cost Gsk need money for basic economic cost as they currently spend over  £6 million per day doing research worldwide. They also used up a lot of money developing medicine as at least  £50 million and it takes up 10-12 years. However they do benefit from this as they get in profit for the shareholders and put some money back into research. The company also have to spend money on environment health and safety. They have Capital investment projects include projects related to designing, sitting and installing systems related to wastewater treatment. In 2003, there was a sharp decrease in capital investment to conclusion of a major wastewater treatment plant expansion and upgrade project at one of their large primary manufacturing sites. Their Capital investment of their Environment Health and Safety projects was totalled  £10.5 million in 2003 a decrease of 43% from  £18.3 million in 2002. One of their primary manufacturing sites completed a large-scale wastewater treatment upgrade in 2002. This rationalisation effort and general cost control measures contributed to the decrease in capital investment. Transport cost Gsk supply coaches for Stevenage station for their workers who have to commute which have cost them a lot of the years because most of their works does not live locally and most of their staff travel by train because of the congestion that could be on the A1 at times so these b people will benefit from the free coach. Gsk also have to pay their employee and so they give out as they take in. The benefit of the science used Gsk is a world leading research-based pharmaceutical company with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provides a platform for delivering strong growth in today's rapidly changing healthcare

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